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We rise above the best in the industry by networking only the best debt collection analysts, financial investigators, and attorneys available to us. Updates and reports via 24/7 online access will get you what you need, when you need it. Get your money fast with our remit upon clearance payment policy. Collect more with a very high yield of collected accounts. Our cases are handled with diligence and experience from inception to conclusion to ensure quality results because we understand the importance of handling your accounts in a professional manner. The excellent performance and reputation of Lions and Associates, LLC are the major reasons why we are the absolute best choice in commercial account recovery. Let us help to get your A/R in order and keep it that way to minimize your profit loss on problem accounts and maintain a healthy DSO.
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No upfront fee for collection placements.
We collect or it's free!*
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We are a National Commercial Debt Collection Agency Offering Full Service Accounts Receivable Management, Recovery Services & Financial Investigations.
About our Rates:
We offer competitive rates with a superior BCR (benefit-cost ratio) for virtually any market. Our collectors' focus is to collect the applicable fees & interest in addition to the principal amount due without litigation by using key techniques specific to your industry and utilizing our broad resources. See Our eBrochure 
*Accounts requiring litigation call for additional fees for an affiliated attorney.

The subsequent rate schedule pertains to most commercial debt collections. For large balance accounts and bulk placements we are happy to negotiate a lower rate. Small balance accounts, second placements and out of business accounts or skip trace accounts may require fairly higher contingency rates. Services
  • Up to 89 days = 15%
  • 90 - 119 days = 20%
  • 120 - 179 days = 25%
  • 180 - 364 days = 33%
  • Most Lawsuits = 40%
  • Over 1 year, skips & 2nd placements = 40% - 50%
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